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Playing Cards

What is this?

This is a card game.

Down 2 Brass Facts is a colorized suit specific card game where each player has their own deck. Trick Taking, Set Collecting, Strategy, and Tactics are among the chief game mechanics.

The Focus is Flat Earth.

"Flat Earth" has seen a rise in popularity in our culture. Much has been said for and against it. In Down 2 Brass Facts, you are presented with proofs for Flat Earth.

Use it to help your friends.

With the rise of information at our fingertips, often, those in power control it. Each card in Down 2 Brass Facts has either a proof for the Flat Earth, or is game mechanic oriented.

Why a Card Game?

Games Increase Learning.

Since the dawn of education, games have been employed to increase learning potential. Not repetition and regurgitation, but the practical application of knowledge.

The information is
at your fingertips.

In this ever changing world of digital information, content is removed or replaced at a moments notice. With an indexed set of cards, you will not readily lose the information.

It stands the test of time.

Many of our favorite moments of bonding and learning come from interaction with parents, friends, and family around the game table. These memories will enforce the learning curve of the subject matter.


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